My name is Antonio and I’m a full-time writer, copywriter or whatever it is called today of marketing stuff. You know, the stuff that made you buy something without you even realizing. Yeah, I know, it’s a cruel, cruel world, but I need to pay my rent. Also if you have a screenplay, I can help you make it better.

To prove I’m not just some cold-hearted bastard that made you buy that $1000 mobile phone you don’t really need, here I am going back to my true love;  fictional stories.

The goal with Syeta Stories is to write 1001 flash fiction stories inspired by philosophy and humanity. In other words; stories inspired by you, me, and the World.

What are the reasons? One of them is the love I have towards writing fiction and the second one is to give people something genuinely interesting and original to read. A blog that isn’t a tool for someone’s business goals where they give you dumb advice you don’t really need (trust me, you don’t need it), but a blog where the goal is the blog itself; the stories. You. Me.

You could say these stories are my redemption.

I’m a huge fan of psychology ( Sigmund Freud, William James, Albert Bandura, Carl Jung, Edward Bernays), philosophy (Friedrich Nietzche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Arthur Schopenhauer) and sociology (Max Weber, Erich Fromm, Georg Simmel), but I’m even bigger fan of quality fictional writing so here are some writers I consider quality writers: George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Franz Kafka, Haruki Murakami, Ivo Andrić, and I guess a lot more I can’t remember.

Also, here are few photos of me because I hate faceless people… and because I look like an idiot in them.