Humbly Dedicated to:

  • Sam Harris

  • René Descartes

Before we start the story you need to realize anthropomorphism (or personification) was used here so you humans can understand what the frogs are thinking. In reality, frogs aren’t capable of human-like communication or thinking and they don’t have a sense of time, which is quite obvious actually. I mean, when was the last time you saw a frog contemplating on if it wants its bug rare, medium rare or well-done today?

So, let’s begin…

It was hot afternoon as two frogs were sitting near a pond observing humans on a large field. It was one of those fields no matter where you looked; you couldn’t see its end. As if the green grass and the blue sky finally decided to go out on a date and meet each other.

“Look at those humans and their ability to do whatever they want, aren’t they lucky.” Frog A observed carefully.

“They sure are. I’d do anything to have free will; I’d even give up on flies for at least two months.” Frog B sighted as a fly’s leg was hanging out of its mouth.

“Let’s not overreact, two months without flies? But I completely agree. Free will, ain’t that a beautiful thing? Unlike us, these humans can decide if they want to do one thing or another. They can decide if they want to take a walk or take a swim today. So good luck with that fly-diet, you can’t start it without having free will first. The ability to choose is a necessity if you want to go on a diet.”

“Well, I would obviously acquire free will first and then go on a diet.  Are you calling me a birdbrain? But do you know what I heard? I heard they can even plan ahead. So today then can think what they will do tomorrow or even a month later. Meanwhile, here we are; stuck with having to eat flies, having to hop and even having to have sex. I can’t choose if I’ll have sex or not; if Mother Nature tells me so, then I’ll do it.” Frog B sighed as it was thinking when the next time will be when Mother Nature green lights it to have sex.

“Yes, everything for us and other animals is pretty much a straight line. We get born, we do what we do, and then we die. There’s no gray area in between; while these two legged idiots can even decide to commit suicide if they wish so. Just imagine the endless possibilities we’d have if we had free will. We could step out of our “frog zone” and do so much more. We could help each other for instance, and not just other frogs, but other animals as well. Just the other day I was looking at a poor ant climbing a foot tall wall just to get to the other side. I could’ve easily have helped him to pass the wall, but nope, Mother Nature said no. It’s not what frogs were meant to do she said. But Mother Nature did allow me to eat the ant, so there’s that at least.”

“Eh, I completely understand what you’re saying. Humans can also decide what they will learn. They can even learn abilities that aren’t necessary for survival in any way. Can you imagine that? They can learn pottery or how to balance a rock on your head for example. And what about us? All we are left with is jumping, swimming and decent tongue aiming skills, but no pottery or rock-balancing. Life must be so much fun for humans.” As soon as Frog B finished its trail of thought, it got distracted by a fly aimlessly flying around.

“Yes, and we are all basically the same, while these humans; each one is completely different. Imagine how interesting it would be to meet a frog with a different personality every day. Instead, it makes no difference to me if I’m looking at you or if I’m looking at my reflection in the pond.”

“Well, that’s frog’s life for you.”

As Frog B gave its final thought, they once again looked at the humans in front of them. They were using some sharp objects to murder each other and by the time the frogs finished their “conversation”, the entire field was no longer green, but bloody red. The battle lasted for an entire day and after it was over, the winning side left for home leaving thousands of dead bodies covering the field.

It sure is good to have free will; the ability to do whatever you want. It sure feels good being human.

Question Time

  1. Do you believe we truly have free will?
  2. Are your actions influenced by external sources or is everything you decide your decision?
  3. If so, why do we help one group of people and kill completely another?

Icon Credit: Frog prince by Luis Prado from the Noun Project

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