Although I’ve been posting my stories for a short time and currently my site has just a few subscribers, I already got few emails from people who got offended because I portray god as a human being with flaws in some of my stories. And yes, I write god with low caps because I’m not talking about the Christian God, but god as a being in general.

The main complaint is they felt offended by it as it felt like I was mocking some topics that shouldn’t be mocked, such as religion. Thus, I felt like writing a non-fictional blog post explaining where I and my writing come from.

Let’s begin.

First of all, I completely respect anybody’s opinion, no matter if I agree or don’t agree with them. I wrote in the sidebar how one of my intentions with this site is to gather people’s opinion and I’m getting what I asked for, which is good.

Still, I feel obliged to explain myself for the sheer reason I don’t want you to get offended by my writing as I will continue writing in the same fashion, no matter what. I don’t mind you having an opinion, actually, I encourage you to have an opinion, but I do mind if you get emotionally offended.

So, my stories. Each story written so far and every story that will be written in the future is in no way written with the idea to mock somebody. Period.

I understand why acts like portraying god as an egomaniac or a guy who doesn’t know what he is doing may be insulting, but it’s my honest opinion before a person comes to a conclusion that something is insulting; he or she should investigate where the alleged “insult” comes from.

I’m coming from a background where I simply like to add comedic tone to some of my writing and there’s a very thin line between that and mocking someone; another reason why we should investigate the source.

For me, it doesn’t matter if the topic is religion, atheism, or how you prefer your steak served, you can find comedy in anything and it’s simple as that. I’m not one of those people you might watch on TV or YouTube that try really hard to insult people who think the opposite. I’m simply a guy that likes to write comedy. To be honest, I really don’t like people like George Carlin, but here’s the kicker, I think his comedy is phenomenal. I don’t like people who are actively trying to change somebody else’s opinion, but that doesn’t stop me from loving their work.

I mean, let’s take an example. Let’s say you have a guy who from the day he was born loved chocolate, but hated vanilla and you have another guy who’s opposite; loves vanilla, but hates chocolate. Let’s say both of them are 30 years old. If you put these two people in a room and let them emotionally discuss why they believe their choice is better, do you really believe at the end of the discussion one of them will say: “Well ok, I’ve been enjoying chocolate/vanilla for my entire life, but now I’ll switch to the other thing”? No way. Same goes for things that are more important than chocolate or vanilla.

Nevertheless, if a comedian is good, the comedian is good, no matter what kind of person he or she is.

Don’t get me wrong, my intention indeed is to challenge your viewpoint (which honestly can’t say if I’ve been doing successfully until now as the blog is fairly new), but not in a rude, nonconstructive manner, but in a creative manner. And yes, for the sake of this I will touch the soft spots now and then, but don’t worry, not because I think you’re stupid.

If you get offended, write down what you think and we can have a nice discussion out of which a lot of new ideas can be born. You’d be surprised what beauty two opposite sides can create if they have a simple, honest talk instead of an emotionally-driven argument that’s almost always destructive in its nature.

Now, you might think to yourself: “then why most of your stories have a certain portrayal of god”. Well, think about it for a second. The idea of god as a perfect, omnipotent being is a perfect source for comedy. Writing about a clumsy or lazy every-day human isn’t as nearly as funny as writing about a perfect being that got angry because someone gave him a wrong look, is it? It’s normal for us humans to get offended and comedy is all about situations that either normally does not happen or situations that always happen. The average middle of the bell-curve isn’t funny, simply for the fact it’s average.

To summarize this and ask you a few questions. I believe how about almost anything a funny story can be written. Some topics are more sensitive than others, but if you approach it correctly, you can pull it off.

So, what do you think? No matter if you’re a writer or just a person who enjoys reading, do you believe writers should be more careful and restrain from writing on certain topics even though they feel like writing about it? Should we in general, not just with writing, always be on a strong lookout so we don’t step on someone’s thumb? Or, is the problem maybe not in what’s written, but how we as people approach it; both the writers and the readers?


Icon Credit: offended by Niklas Berlec from the Noun Project

3 thoughts on “About People Getting Insulted by Some of My Stories

  1. This is, I believe the first post I read written by you and it prompts me, almost begs me to read all of the rest. I think you should keep writing to stay true to yourself and your craft. People always have the choice to either read it or not. You have explained that you’re writing from a comedic standpoint. Anything after that is up to the reader to interpret how they want and make the choice to keep reading or to stop. To come back to your blog or never to return. That’s the power of free speech at its best.
    We MUST try and find humor even in the most inhuman things like God. And yes I capitalized. Lol.
    If we can’t laugh at ourselves or at serious topics or religious topics then we are doomed to live very boring lives. Thanks for writing this post because now I want to read more.

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    1. And thank you for this insightful comment. I just woke up, made my coffee, and the first thing I read was your comment. I believe there isn’t a better way to start a day than reading what you’ve just written 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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